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Any KLSX Listeners?

Hi! ::waves:: I'm from CA and am a KLSX 97.1 FM talk radio listener. There's just something about Frosty, Heidi, & Frank and Tom Leykis that makes me tune in almost every week. Since I'm a newbie, I thought I'd christen this community by inviting you all to:

Outback Steakhouse. Address: 1418 Asuza Avenue in Puente Hills.

this Wednesday, December 8, 2004 (10a-3p)

Malibu Dan will be at Outback Steakhouse collecting toys for the 4th Annual CHP Toy Drive!!! Come down and bring a toy (worth $5 or more)to donate and grab a bite to eat!!

**The meal is free for everyone with a toy donation (see above)**
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